Katherine Nolte & Paineto Baluku | Gender Equity in Practice: The Bukonzo Joint Case

Through their Gender Action Learning System (GALS) program, the Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union is working to improve both gender equity and coffee quality in Uganda.

Coffee and gender justice must go together

For many of us, this comes as quite a piece of news. We all know to strive for gender equality, but one might ask, how is this relevant to coffee quality and specialty coffee...

Twin appoints new Managing Director

Twin is delighted to announce that the board of trustees has appointed Richard Anstead as our new Managing Director. For the last 11 years Richard has worked for the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK and...

Twin reflects on how to improve its work on climate change and coffee

In 2015, we realised that despite the great work on demonstration plots and innovative agro-ecological practices to adapt to a changing environment and climate, at a landscape level and organisation l...


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