Our Approach

Twin seeks to strengthen producer organisations as a key route to empowerment and sustainable development for smallholder farmers. We take a partnership based approach which reflects both producer and business needs to foster long-term trading relationships that benefit all actors in the value chain. Our aim is to demonstrate that our approach to inclusive, sustainable business is successful, replicable, and scalable – as well as delivering long-lasting, transformational change for smallholders.

Value chain approach

Twin is engaged throughout the value chain to balance producer support with market demand, conducting:

  • Technical assistance; strengthening producer organisations with a holistic approach
  • Trading; offering premium-quality, traceable products with a strong consumer story
  • Marketing; creating demand, accessing markets and growing sales
  • Business advocacy; making the business case and offering market-led solutions

Twin's six pillars of development

Twin takes a holistic approach to development that aims to strengthen producer organisations across the board so that they are able to operate independently and sustainably manage and grow their businesses. 

Join us for 3 International Cupping events in DRC, Burundi and Rwanda!

We would be delighted if you were able to join us for what promises to be a truly inspiring trip to visit our producer partners in DR Congo, Burundi and Rwanda and to participate in three internation...


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