Muungano webpage

  • Location: Northern region of South Kivu, Eastern DRC 
  • Altitude: 1,480-2,000m  
  • Founded: 2009 
  • Members: 4230 of which 1736 are female, organised into 16 “secteurs”  
  • Coffee: Arabica  
  • Varieties: Mainly Bourbon
  • Soil Type: Volcanic
  • Certifications: Fairtrade and Organic
  • Quality: Fully Washed from three central washing stations and also farmer-washed 
  • Harvest: February to June; September to December  
  • Flavour profile: Medium-bodied with sweet floral flavours and citrus notes. Coffee grown by women available.


Muungano's farmers live in the misty hills alongside the banks of Lake Kivu, which provide the perfect conditions for top grade fully-washed Arabica coffee production. Since forming the co-operative, the producer organisation has moved from strength to strength.

Significant investments have been made in infrastructure including three central washing stations in NyabireheBuchiro and Kiniezere and the construction of a cupping lab and a central office. A trained cupper supports quality management throughout the organisation, and field staff offer training on sustainable farming and advice on growing seedlings.   

Women's empowerment is also central to the ethos of Muungano and families in Nyabirehe secteur are working together to renegotiate how money is spent and earnt. Credit and savings groups have flourished allowing more money to be circulated within the community alongside investments in different family revenue streams.

In a region that continues to be in social turmoil, Muungano is a beacon of hope and epitomises its name which means "togetherness" in Swahili.