We strengthen the ability of cooperatives to manage income and plan for the future of their business. This includes training on business skills, setting up accounting and export systems, accessing working capital, and support with strategic business planning.

Twin's approach to Business Management:

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  • Business basics and accounting
  • Price risk management
  • Access to capital and strategic planning

Case study: Elmer's Story

Elmer Peña Silva
Commercial Manager, Cenfrocafe
Joined March 2006
Jaen, Peru

My role as Commercial Manager at Cenfrocafe is to buy and sell green coffee to Cenfrocafe’s different markets – Asia, Europe and USA – not only certified coffees, but also speciality and conventional coffees. I am also a coffee producer; my family has been producing coffee since my grandparents’ generation, so it’s a family tradition. I started working in Cenfrocafe in 2004 and I’m also a member of the cooperative.

Through Twin, I have received training on Price Risk Management (PRM). I participated for the first time in 2006 and learned a lot from Twin in these workshops. I learned about harvest planning, price management, how to sell Fairtrade coffee, and where to look for market information before making decisions. Cenfrocafe has benefitted from the PRM training as it has built up the capacity of its commercial staff.

Three people in my team have received PRM training. Cenfrocafe has won with this training because it’s now staffed by experts, who are efficient in their work and have knowledge of how the coffee market works and how the business is managed at Cenfrocafe. Producer members also benefit as we are achieving positive results for the cooperative’s business, so producers see a greater return.

Twin sees in our cooperative a commercial partner but they are also interested in collaborating for the sustainability of our cooperative. On the business side, they are very open and understand the coffee prices well. I feel Twin has an interesting model and it has adjusted to the current way of doing business. They work with coffee futures, they adapt according to the market conditions and supply and demand.